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In as much as Bogart insists that the number of people reading newspapers and watching television is the same, there is a profound difference when it comes to really reading the newspaper (Bogart 712). There are few people who read the entire contents of a newspaper. People…
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The Media
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The Media In as much as Bogart insists that the number of people reading newspapers and watching television is the same, there is a profound difference when it comes to really reading the newspaper (Bogart 712). There are few people who read the entire contents of a newspaper. People mainly purchase newspapers to read specific articles or just peruse through it to keep them busy for the moment while they are waiting to tackle some other activity. The question therefore that the article should have tackled is about the number of people who seriously read the newspaper.
Tumber in his article about the future of journalists is positive that they will still hold jobs interpreting news in the internet (Tumber 108). This view is however one sided and has no perfect evidence of that being the scenario in future. In this age, journalists need to have more than interpreting ability if they are to survive the cyberspace age in their career. False hopes will not help them come up with creative ways to still keep their jobs. The article should have come up with more suggestions and recommendations to journalists or at least help them brainstorm for ideas of how to make themselves be needed by the audience.
In as much as David Smith praises the discovery of wood pulp in the newspaper industry which made newspapers cheaper than before the 1900s, the negative effects of this are still being felt up to date. Wood pulp comes from wood and the more newspapers are produced from wood, the more trees are cut (Smith 343). The rate of cutting down trees is inversely proportional to growth rate of the trees being planted hence at some point there will be no big trees for environmental conservation. As technology evolves also, there will be less people purchasing newspapers so they should start thinking of other ways to move with technology and quit destroying the environment for wood pulp.
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The Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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