Future of Print media and impact of online journalism in the UK - Dissertation Example

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This paper explores different aspects in respect to the future of print media in the UK and effect on online journalism in the country and also tries to provide an analytical structure of the notion that supports the fact that in the country users of online journalism is increasing at significant speed. …
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Future of Print media and impact of online journalism in the UK
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Extract of sample "Future of Print media and impact of online journalism in the UK"

Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses that in the modern world online sources of media and entertainment has been highly significant in respect to development of the process of spreading news and information across countries. Although popularity of hard copies of newspapers are still at very high level, large section of people in the world are investing significant time of their daily routine in reading newspapers online. In the United Kingdom, large number of people is shifting their choice towards reading online newspapers. The habit of reading online newspapers is also helping professionals and students to increase their knowledge about what is happening at present all over the world. Improvements in technology are also encouraging people to use online sources of media and news in comparison with hard copies of newspapers. Hence, newspaper companies are also shifting their production structure away from hard copies of newspapers. This shift in the production process is increasing the profit earning ability of business organisations and is also reducing the time required by newspaper readers in respect to spending time in other works. Also the increased share of the total market consisting of newspaper readers is also getting reduced in the UK at slow speed. Online journalism is considered as one of the most important concepts in modern system of spreading knowledge and information and updating news across the globe. In modern system of journalism, online journalism is the most crucial concept essentially popularised for speed and efficiency. In businesses where ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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