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And why not? A rally hardly represents the rhythm of the public belief; it hardly encourages dialogue or even a debate. Rather, it functions as a podium for those who desire to reiterate their own opinions…
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Download file to see previous pages In effect, whether it is to protest some program of the government or to display your endorsement for a specific contender is known by all that majority of rallies achieve nothing. For oppressed cultures, where injustice is the order of the day, the rally has the opposite effect. Put it another way, there is nothing more powerful that thousands of people making the simple demand of, say, liberation. The odd successful rally in recent-day America invariably is a response to the attendance of coercion or inequality.
During spring, I attended a rally for Barrack Obama in Ewes, Iowa. Preceding that experience, I had never attended any rally. I am in University. Obama’s rally at Iowa State University was promptly organized by some assiduous group. Why did I feel the urge to go? To put in another way, I was quite startled. This rally provided an opportunity to contribute in a time-privileged student tradition. I believe that the presence of some rally along the path of life is archetypal to the experience of any young man who is semi-educated and has the jot of political opinions. In a sense, this belief was accurate, just because is function to show the imprudence of swinging out of old political varieties for new time. It was a hot dreary day, as nature has added brushstrokes to the atmosphere to emphasize the farce of the attendees endeavor. We all stood around underneath the steps of the University’s Agricultural Building, and attempted to think ourselves as the re-embodiments of activists protesting at that very spot against the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t policy and Obama’s abortion rights stance. A man got to his feet at the top of the stops and started shrieking into the microphone to get the rally going. The first few epistles were met with a proper amount of fervor mixed with ire.
However, I had not expected to enter some arena of political thoughtfulness nor seriousness. But this one proved me wrong. I had ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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