American Revolution in 1770's period - Literature review Example

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The objective of the present review is to provide a comprehensive summary of the American Revolution that took place in the 1770s. Particularly, the review outlines the causes of the war and the chronology of events that resulted in the declaration of independence…
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American Revolution in 1770s period
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Download file to see previous pages In the period between1754 and 1763, the British engaged the Indian and the French in a war that started as early as the 1600s. During the 1750s, the French and the British were in the war with each other in Europe, but the war even spread to North America. The British colony wanted to take over the territories and fur trade that the French had in North America. The American Native joined the French to fight against the occupation of the British in the French land. The Native feared that the British would to take their land and for them to protect themselves, they had to join the French in battling the British soldiers. In 1779, the British General Wolfe captured Quebec and brought the war to an end. In 1763, a peace treaty was signed, and the British got almost all of the French land. Moreover, the British introduced taxation to cover the cost of the war (Colin, 1991).
The American native began their quest for independence long before the revolution, but before the start of the revolution, the American population has increased to about two million. In the time before the war, the colonies have urbanized, and the road was now connecting the diverse colonies. In addition, the media has grown, and newspapers kept all the colonies informed. At this time, the colonies were enlightened and were thinking of themselves as Americans. The colonists, both the rich and poor differed on the issue of independence. George Washington who owned a huge chunk of land and other businessmen like John Hancock agitated for independence. They did not want the British to control their businesses and their lives. However, some other wealthy colonists feared the agitation of independence would affect their wealth if the revolution began. The wealth of these colonists was connected to the British government and its trade.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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