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More than 4, 50,000 slaves were traded to 13 colonies by 1775. Then the period of “great awakening” from 1730 to 1740 had good social and religious effects on the people. American Revolution started in 1775…
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How revolutionary was the American Revolution
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How revolutionary was the American Revolution? No: How revolutionary was the American Revolution
Slave trade of black African started in the 16th century in America. More than 4, 50,000 slaves were traded to 13 colonies by 1775. Then the period of “great awakening” from 1730 to 1740 had good social and religious effects on the people. American Revolution started in 1775 because of conflicts between Great Britain and thirteen colonies. Major events leading to revolution were imposition of tax on colonies to pay debts after the Britain French war of 1763 (Frey, 1999). Devaluation of colonial currency under currency act of 1764. Imposition of defence tax on colonies in the same era. British forces in Boston massacre in1770 butchered many blacks. One-third colonists remain neutral and one third supported revolution. Rest of people supported British act in colonies. Ultimately, the revolution ended in 1783 (Frey, 1999).
Slaves were imported to work as labour force for Cotton and tobacco crops in southern states of America for cheap labour. Slaves did produce great output in raising the agricultural exports of America (Quarles, 1961).
Blacks were ruthlessly used as labour and their culture and lifestyle saw a decline. White people of America made every effort to tease the blacks by social inequality and kept all sorts of educational facilities away from the reach of blacks (Quarles, 1961).
Slave markets were introduced in America and women and children were separated from the men. This created a lot of hatred against white Americans in the hearts of black. There were no labour or social law and blacks were punished brutally for any mistakes. Slave masters sexually harassed young black women in the absence of women rights. Women were not allowed to raise voice against social and moral inequality (Frey, 1999).
Inhuman policies made people to take revolutionary steps for their rights. Many events eventually led to revolution. Black African wanted to live lives as per their social and cultural values. Finally, blacks were successful to some extent to snatch their rights from American authorities (Quarles, 1961).
Frey, Sylvia R. (1999). Water from the Rock: Black Resistance in a Revolutionary Age. Princeton: Princeton University Press.
Quarles, Benjamin. (1961). The Negro in the American Revolution. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press. Read More
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