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His book, Founding Brothers: the Revolutionary Generation (2000) received Pulitzer Prize in 2001. American Sphinx: the Character of…
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American Creation by Joesph Ellis
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Download file to see previous pages Writing about great historical personalities without idolizing or condemning them had been his style. The book under review, American Creation, Which details events from 1775 to 1803, is thus another typical work by Joseph Ellis.
American Creation is a critical revisit to the founding years of America. This country and its ideals were formulated by the bold and creative experiments in political ideals by a group of men highly dedicated and determined, in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. There were historical occasions when they triumphed, but there were tragedies too. Both triumphs and tragedies contributed to the shaping the United States. The book takes us through the first shots fired at Lexington to signing of the Declaration of Independence to the Louisiana Purchase. As the process of history unveils, some philosophies emerge, some alliances get shifted, and some personalities fade in who later are to become the iconic leaders of the nation ----Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, and Adams. Ellis argues that the American Revolution, unlike the French Revolution, was more an evolution. The gradual and slow pace at which it happened makes it extra ordinary. In the prologue of the book Ellis makes this point clear thus: “In terms of creativity, the control of pace was almost as impressive as the control of space. The founders opted for an evolutionary rather than revolutionary version of political and social change, preferring to delay delivery of full promise of the American Revolution rather than risk implosion in the mode of French Revolution.” (American Creation—Prologue) .The American experiment in freedom and democracy was unique. America rejected monarchial system of the old world, and experimented with democracy and republicanism. This uniqueness was what President Abraham Lincoln expressed when he called America, “the last, best, hope of earth”. The two-party ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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American Creation by Joesph Ellis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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