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Propose system - Essay Example

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Several views have been expressed as to whether religion has a role as far as governance is concerned. Most literature points that religion has no place in the governance of a country (Bardes, Shelley, and…
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Proposed System for Organizing a New Government in a Country with several Religious Factions Proposed System for Organizing a New Government in a Country with several Religious Factions
Religion has become a very sensitive issue in the society where we live. Several views have been expressed as to whether religion has a role as far as governance is concerned. Most literature points that religion has no place in the governance of a country (Bardes, Shelley, and Schmidt, 2008). Others question whether religion need to be factored in or not when setting up a new government. This paper proposes a system that can be employed in organizing a new government in a country with diverse religious factions.
Below are my proposals as to how the institutions should be set up when organizing a government with diverse religious faction. I would ensure that a constitutional democracy is set up consisting of three-tier system of government similar to that of the United States. However, I shall make some changes in the judicial system that will have to be autonomous and publicly elected by the people to ensure impartiality in the delivery of services. Consequently, in order to reduce the workload in courts, I would establish two independent courts: the constitutional court and the Supreme Court operating independent of each other. In this case, the Constitutional court will only be concerned with cases pertaining to constitutional matters while the Supreme Court will serve as the highest court dealing with appeals independent of constitutional matters.
For lawmakers, I would create a Congress house made up of several representatives to serve the interest of everyone from provices. However, I will ensure that the representation is distributed in accordance with the population of the provinces. This implies that provinces with few people will have low representation. The population density will be determined using census report, which will be conducted within a span of 10 years, (Bardes, Shelley, and Schmidt, 2008). Like the federal system, the party with the majority of congress representatives will establish the government of the day, elect its president, and the vice president.
I will also make sure that there is a national Council of Religion similar to the U.S. Senate where each religious faction is given equal representation as noted by Wood (2002). This will certainly help reduce any conflict that may result if the distribution is not equitably allocated. I will also ensure that there is the executive branch that controls the religious council, the power, which I will vest upon the vice president.
The political parties will play a major role in ensuring that bills are passed by the Council and Congress, which would be assent to by the president. However, in case the President declines to assent to the bill, then the political class will have to mobilize at least 2/3 in both Council and Congress to override the veto. This implies that the structure will be similar in most aspects to the federal system of government.
To promote democracy, the members of the congress will be elected directly by the popular both, as is the case in the country. This will ensure accountability by the members of the congress to the states they represent. The Congressmen will hold office for a period of 6 years to allow them time to serve their people.
In conclusion, I strongly believe that this system will create a government that is democratic, accountable and respectful to religious diversity in the country.
Bardes, B.A., Shelley, M.C., & Schmidt, S.W. (2008). American Government and Politics Today 2008: The Essentials. Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning.
Wood, R.L. (2002). Faith in Action: Religion, Race, and Democratic Organizing in America. New York: Chicago University Press. Read More
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