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The dispute between Israel and Gaza refers to a series of military conflicts that have been occurring between the Israeli Government and the Palestinian Government over control of the Gaza Strip. The continued occurrence of these conflicts has been propagated by various facets…
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Israel and Gaza
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the conflict has been propagated by the fact that no serious or proper peace building has been taken into consideration by the two nations. Instead, they keep employing military techniques to solve their differences despite that external stakeholders have made various attempts to create peace between the two nations.
The conflict between Israel and Palestine over the control of the Gaza Strip has not only led to loss of lives, destruction of property and environmental degradation, but also led to the deterioration of the relationship between Gaza Leadership and the West Bank.
Specifically, the relationship between Gaza leadership and the Palestinian Leadership has generally been affected positively in that; collaboration between Jordan and Palestine as well as other Arabian Nations has been developed (Palestinian Liberation Organization), the PLO, with the main purpose of destroying the Jewish Nation. This emanate from the fact that Israel is currently in control of a large percentage of the West Bank hence which falls under the Jordan territory.
The United Nations has conducted various studies geared towards evaluation of the capacity of Gaza to support livelihoods; the results of these studies have been made available to the public in the form of a report. According to the UN report concerning this issue, the capacity of Gaza to support life has been reduced in a number of ways.
To begin with, the conflicts have negatively affected various facets of social life for instance: The economic status of the Gaza Strip has been deterioration since early 1990’s with a greater effect experienced on the GDP of the nation.
However, the shadow economy of Gaza (Tunnel Economy) has greatly developed over the years owing to the fact that tremendous amounts of goods have been smuggled through hundreds of tunnels by most tunnel workers. On the other hand, small quantities of agricultural products are also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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