Reduction and erosion of legal rights to reproductive freedom - Essay Example

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There has been a growing recognition around the world that reproductive rights are fundamental human rights that the government is morally and legally obligated to fulfill, respect, and protect. The values underscoring these reproductive rights - equality and non-discrimination,…
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Reduction and erosion of legal rights to reproductive freedom
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Download file to see previous pages These rights are not restricted to the right of the woman to obtain an abortion or choose. They exist at the core of a woman’s well-being and position in society. Discrimination and gender-equality, which have continued to erode the gains made by feminist groups in the 60s and 70s, harm the health of women and girls directly with neglect of their reproductive health requirements continuing to prevent them full and equal participation in society. This paper is a discussion of the reduction and erosion of legal rights to reproductive freedom.
With limited access to reproductive health care, including abortion, pre-natal care, and contraception, women undergo unnecessary risk of STIs, unwanted pregnancy, and injury or death from childbirth and pregnancy. Women need to be free to make a decision on when and whether to exercise their choices sans coercion, to have children, and obtain quality health care with no regard to personal circumstances (Fried 66). Full citizenship can only occur for women if they participate equally with dignity as societal members with autonomy to chart the course of their life. The gradual erosion of reproductive rights in the U.S. has seen millions of women now going without access to affordable reproductive care (Fried 66). Any reform in reproductive laws, in the U.S., needs to include access to comprehensive and quality health care.
In the past, the United States has been a global leader as far as human rights and equality are concerned with a proud and long history. However, the country now faces a crossroad in the recognition and protection of reproductive rights. Decades of progress won by grafting and bravery on female autonomy and reproductive health care are being gradually eroded. These drawbacks have been widespread and alarming with federal and state court decisions undermining the protections supported by the Roe vs. Wade case (Fried 70). Federal funding for basic reproductive health care has dropped gradually over the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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