Discuss the importance of the Sahara and the Indian Ocean in ancient African history - Essay Example

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In the ancient Africa, features that existed and those that exist today played an important role in bringing together the people that lived in different parts of Africa. Among the features in Africa that contributed to the development of linkages between people include such like…
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Discuss the importance of the Sahara and the Indian Ocean in ancient African history
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Download file to see previous pages Sahara region connected people from eastern, southern, central, north and some parts of western Africa. Among the countries that were touched are Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Congo, Egypt, and Nigeria among others. These countries contributed different commodities for trade according to their daily activities. For example, the southern Sahara region was a famous area in production of minerals, Egypt was well known for production of sorghum and Nigeria provided yams to the trading interaction (Giblin 10-13). These areas that were well known in production of agricultural products were part of the great hinterland that was served by the Indian Ocean. The areas were, therefore, linked to the outside world by the Indian Ocean that opened trade with Arabs and other people in the world. However, the trading interactions were not involving Africans and Arabs but Africans contributed a lot to the trade among themselves. The trading activities in that area involved exchange through barter trade of commodities that included foodstuffs and minerals as per different needs of different people in those regions. This is an evaluation of the activities that prevailed in the ancient Africa involving the Sahara Region and the Indian Ocean to inform the importance of these two features of African geography. The influence it brought to the people that lived in those areas as well as the benefits they reaped from these interactions discussed.
There are things that informed the interactions between the people in these parts of Africa and were aimed at benefiting the people that engaged in them. For example, noting that most of the Sahara region is characterized by unreliable precipitation, there was serious need to get ways to acquire food that was not sufficient in those areas. For Egypt, sorghum was produced only after major floods that used to come in rare occasions. In other places, growing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Discuss the Importance of the Sahara and the Indian Ocean in Ancient Essay - 2)
Discuss the Importance of the Sahara and the Indian Ocean in Ancient Essay - 2. https://studentshare.org/history/1610557-discuss-the-importance-of-the-sahara-and-the-indian-ocean-in-ancient-african-history.
“Discuss the Importance of the Sahara and the Indian Ocean in Ancient Essay - 2”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1610557-discuss-the-importance-of-the-sahara-and-the-indian-ocean-in-ancient-african-history.
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