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It is even possible to be authentic? To an extent it seems that some degree of authenticity is achievable in graphic design. It becomes the responsibility of the designer to determine what constitutes authentic within their…
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Great Depression 1930s Paragrapgh
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Graphic Design Manifesto Be Authentic Undoubtedly authenti is a loaded term for many. It is even possible to be authentic? To an extent it seems that some degree of authenticity is achievable in graphic design. It becomes the responsibility of the designer to determine what constitutes authentic within their human experience. This will mean many things for many different people, but at its core it seems to be following an internal flame rather than the current cultural winds. Authentic can be viewed as an aesthetic category, just as much as it constitutes an approach to the work. Some artists will be more successfully authentic than others, but this is not a reason for other artists to simply mimic their design style.
2. Be Innovative
Being innovative is another important tenant. Just like authenticity, innovation is a loaded term. Also like authenticity, being innovative largely depends on the specific artist. In either case, graphic designers must not simply strive towards creating designs, but must also strive towards innovation in terms of theme, methods of creation, and even tools used. This is done most successful when accomplished in an authentic way. For instance, an artist creating their own design program or tool to then create the design would be regarded as both authentic and innovative.
3. Steal
While in most aspects of the world stealing is viewed as naturally unethical, within graphic design this should not be the case. In this way there is the recognition that art and innovation should not be restricted by unnecessary barriers. This does not mean, of course, that a graphic designer should wholeheartedly steal another person’s design. Rather it means that portions of one piece of art should be readily and frequently combined with other pieces of art in a continuing series of designs.
4. Combine
Combing falls into a category near stealing. Combining, however, involves the actual act of putting disparate styles or previously made works together to achieve a new product. Combining can be viewed as an aesthetic, but it can also be viewed as a technique. In both instances there is the recognition that past ideas or approaches should not be abandoned but reimagined in ways that seek to reignite the dormant aspects of human instinct that are entombed in these past approaches.
5. Improvise
Improvisation should also be recognized as a major design tenant. While for many people the idea of improvisation harkens back to jazz music and meandering styles, the link between improvisation and authentic expression should not be neglected. Improvisation removes the mind from needless theorizing or intellectualizing. The swift and relentless means of expression that is created through improvisational efforts can also add an essential quality to the work. Ultimately, it is an aesthetic technique that is requisite in exceptional design.
6. Theorize
Theorizing is important. Still, one should not overly theorize. Theorizing, however, can contribute to exceptional graphic design through indirect methods. The individual then should examine art and architectural theory, as well as philosophy, psychology and history. These fields can change the individual’s perspectives on life as well as the purpose of art. This change then impacts the individual’s unconscious way of approach design.
7. Humor
Another essential design trait it humor. While one may question how it would be possible to incorporate humor in many designs, this manifesto argues that humor is a trait as essential as form or contrast. The designer must then necessarily consider how they can most effectively implement humor in the design. On very rare instances a design can refrain from using humor, but this is on very rare circumstances.
8. Revisit
Another essential recommendation is to revisit one’s work. This involves both during the conceptualization phase as well as in the creation phase. In both instances there is the recognition that one’s unconscious insights are influenced in ways that are not easily determined. It is therefore important to reconsider what one is doing or what they intend to do at many intervals in the process. When possible the individual should sleep an idea or design over as it will allow for further unconscious reflection.
9. Imagine
Imagination may be the most important quality. Of course imagination will mean different things for different people. Some people will refer to it as reflection. In any instance it’s clear that the individual must implement their imagination to tap into the endless stream of possibilities and future streams of life. The designer must then work to articulate this imagination in functional ways.
10. Ignore the Rules When Necessary
Of course the individual should feel free to break any of these rules when they feel it is necessary. This manifesto is meant only to function as a guidepost for graphic design, not an authoritarian set of restrictions. Additionally, the manifesto can be regarded as a kernel for inspiration that graphic designers can combine with their own beliefs and values. Ultimately then the manifesto constitutes a recommendation not a rule. Read More
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Great Depression 1930'S Paragrapgh Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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