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Parson, the birth of modern politics ( U.S. History to 1865 ) - Essay Example

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It involves making certain decisions based on certain methods and tactics in order to apply certain policy. In the modern political arena, democracy is a key aspect, and it brings about…
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Parson, the birth of modern politics ( U.S. History to 1865 )
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Extract of sample "Parson, the birth of modern politics ( U.S. History to 1865 )"

Download file to see previous pages Historians have argued that Andrew Jackson was a person who showed people what it meant to be in a political arena. Some of the actions may have been positive while others negative, but he managed to enter the books of history about what politics really involves; honor, ethics, democracy, conflicts, racism and liberation.
Lynn Hudson Parson argues about how modern politics came to exist. In the 1828 presidential election, Andrew Jackson, who was a Major General, contested against John Quincy Adams and this election was what was viewed to be one that will be remembers through history. It was viewed as the first truly democratic presidential election which implemented campaign tactics (Parsons, 99). In that presidential election, Andrew Jackson, a hot-tempered and whose education was not perfect showed his supporters that he was a man of the people, genuine of his word and this made him make history after defeating an aristocrat whose education and political experience matched no other. The election led to the coordination of media, fund-raising, rallies be organized, polling of opinion, use of campaigns and research on opposition in order to gain an upper hand at the elections. In The Birth of Modern Politics, Parsons goes on to bring out Andrew as a man who made a historical achievement.
Parson goes on to say how the contest brought out a national debate that involved incitements against each other in terms of culture, social life and the economic values of people. Those whose intentions were pure and had an interest in community development were pitted against those who believed that the only way communities would grow stronger is not by them standing together, but as individuals with the freedom to ensure that their own interests were satisfied above others. Despite the difference in backgrounds between Andrew and Quincy, they had the same values at heart, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Parson, the Birth of Modern Politics ( U.S. History to 1865 ) Essay - 1)
Parson, the Birth of Modern Politics ( U.S. History to 1865 ) Essay - 1.
“Parson, the Birth of Modern Politics ( U.S. History to 1865 ) Essay - 1”, n.d.
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