Review - The Bill of Rights: Creation and Reconstruction by Akhil Reed Amar - Book Report/Review Example

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Indeed America has been a leading example at the forefront to be read by all countries of the world as far as her democratic administration…
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Book Review - The Bill of Rights: Creation and Reconstruction by Akhil Reed Amar
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Download file to see previous pages s been confronted by challenging times in her bid to develop, rule herself and stand out as a democratically outstanding government in the whole world especially during the tenure of President Bill Clinton when the laws concerning the bills of rights were gravely breached
It is premised on this that professor Akhil Reed Amar writes his book ‘The Bill of Rights: Creation and Reconstruction’ in which he criticizes how Clinton’s breach of concerning the human rights laws. In this informative historical analysis, Amar dedicates the first part of his book analysing the “Creation” in an effort to characterize the Founder’s Bill of Rights and the inspiration for the American constitution. On the second part, “The Reconstruction” Amar offers his audience an historical analysis of the Fourteenth Amendment.
He questions the democrats and the liberals’ understanding of the term misdemeanors in the American constitution that the people of America believed in and guarded with all their hearts. The essence of a living constitution held by the Americans was abused at this time to an extent that it lost meaning to political analysts including Akhil and the rest of the non loyalist American citizens, who were opposed to the ‘Democrats’ rule
Akhil in his book tries to challenge the perspectives of the Madisonians who adopted and, implemented the bill of rights to protect certain powerful people at the expense of the suffering majority. He argues that Madison was so swift in his intentions and actions to push for the adoption and implementation of the Bill of Rights in America and that Madison’s aim to protect the few individuals from the majority rule as democracy requires was a misplaced idea in the more developed and democratic state in the world. Reed further accuses John Madison of averting the intended role of the Bill of rights to protect the oppressed majority from the vices of the more aristocratic federal government of the time (Amar).
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