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The author of this essay describes the history of America since 1877. This paper outlines the main peculiarities of this period as the rise of industrialization, building on new technologies, the dominance of Republicans, the US fought against and defeated  Spain and settlement for WW1…
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History of America since 1877
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Extract of sample "History of America since 1877"

America since 1877
The History of the United is quite wide basing since this period covers the reconstruction of America and the progressive era. It all includes the rise of industrialization which is the main factor that has resulted to America being the world’s strongest super power. It is also the period that has seen America grow rapidly in terms of economic growth and become the world's dominant economic, industrial and agricultural power (Capozzoli, 45). This period is also called the period of reconstruction which marked an end to slavery and acquisition of citizenship for the former slaves.
During that period politically, the nation was mostly dominated by Republicans. In around 1900, there was an era which came up known as the Progressive Era. This era brought political and social reforms, such as better and improved education and a higher state of recognition for women, and modernization of many areas of government as well as society (Capozzoli, 45). During this period, around 1877 and 1900, there was a great battle against corruption which was put up and it actually worked to reduction of corruption. There was an unprecedented wave of European immigration and these immigrants  provided the labor; hence the expansion of industry and agriculture and also increased population leading to fast-growing urban America.
In the late nineteenth century, the United States became a major and leading global industrial power, building on new technologies.
In around 1898, there were two important wars where the US fought against and defeated Spain, which resulted to Cuba gaining independence and eventually also the Philippines in 1946 (Capozzoli, 75).
America tried and failed to negotiate a section of settlement for WW1 then entered the war to oppose German militarism. The U.S. got victorious due to its financial, agricultural, industrial as well as its military strength.
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Capozzoli, I. M. J. American history, 1877 to the present. Hauppauge, NY: Barron's. 2003. Read More
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