Slavery in the American south - Essay Example

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 This essay discusses how former slaves like Richard Allen, Solomon Northup, Nat Turner, William Craft, Fredrick Douglas, Harriet Jacobs and others. It also discusses the benefits of ending the slavery trading to enhance the welfare of individuals and to promote human rights and equality to the entire globe…
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Slavery in the American south
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Download file to see previous pages  Fredrick Douglas a narrator describes how life as a slave denied him his rights and the remarkable contribution ha made in fighting for the freedom of fellow Blacks. He describes the lords and masters of Slavery in North America, how they acquired slaves from African states in the north like Mauritania and Lagos. Slaves bought in exchange of the American manufactured goods and transported along the Atlantic Ocean. African chiefs sold off their natives to earn wealth from the whites, and this triggered the activities by African to conquer the trading of their fellow blacks (Turner-Sadler, 2009). Africans sold off to the whites, forced to work in the American plantations and production industries. Douglas explains that the increased demand for labor resulted to the need to acquire more slaves from Africa, and hence they resulted to new tactics of forcefully raiding African villages and capturing the natives. They faced a lot of resistance, hence did not invade the interior of Africa, and only attacked the areas close to the coast.
In his article, he adds that slaves acquired accomplished domestic chores and professional jobs that required training. Young virgins captured to work as sex workers and hence such inhuman actions resulted to the eruption of human rights for protecting the most vulnerable especially women and children. Slaves who got any forms of training would go back to their countries and take part in developing the African Economy (Deyle, 2005).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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