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This was specifically between 1830 and 1871. What mostly influenced these changes were the historical and cultural changes made during that time. This paper will discuss some of the event, during that…
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Neoclassical and Romantic styles
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Neo ical and Romantic Styles Neo ical and Romantic Styles Neo ical and Romantic styles saw significant changes in the 1800’s. This was specifically between 1830 and 1871. What mostly influenced these changes were the historical and cultural changes made during that time. This paper will discuss some of the event, during that time, which led to changes in Neoclassical and Romantic styles.
Some of these events included the Industrial Revolution, in Europe, Nationalism, art exhibitions such as The Great London Exhibition (1851) and the spread of Christianity among others. The industrial revolution was an upheaval against noble political and social norms between 1800 and 1840. During this time, numerous artists came up whose works portrayed a theme of social and political issues being experienced during that time. The industrial revolution was essential as it gave numerous artists a platform where they could voice their cries. Art exhibitions, such as the Great London Exhibition, were seriously influential in spreading Neoclassical and Romantic styles. These exhibitions portrayed numerous Neoclassical and Romantic styles, which a lot of upcoming artists copied or adapted from other artists. The exhibitions also portrayed some of the talented artists who were not known in the past.
Nationalism also influenced the spread of Neoclassical and Romantic styles. Critics consider that liberalism along with radicalism, which was brought about by nationalism, were significant influences of both Neoclassical and Romantic styles. Nationalism influenced the spread of music, visual arts and natural sciences. Finally, Christianity, which is a cultural factor, was the main factor that led to the spread of romanticism and its styles. This is because romanticist artists were extremely spiritual. The spread of Christianity was intense in the mid 1800’s, and what these artists, in reality, revolted against was the narrow mindedness of other religions. Read More
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Neoclassical and Romantic Styles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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