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The era drew inspiration from classical art and culture of ancient Rome or ancient Greece in the fields of visual and decorative arts, architecture and music. The era is thought to have existed between 18th and…
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Neoclassical era
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Neo ical era The neo ical era gets considered as a period of enlightment. The era drew inspiration from ical art and culture of ancient Rome or ancient Greece in the fields of visual and decorative arts, architecture and music. The era is thought to have existed between 18th and 20th centuries. The focus of the era was ethics, science, and government. Examples of popular artwork from the era include; ‘A River’ painting by Jean-Jacques Caffieri and the ‘Bust of Vincent Coster’, a sculpture by Hendrick de Keyser (Bietoletti 24). These art forms represented the period as they characterized the linear style, cool colors, and have a moral meaning behind it. The other representative characteristic of the visual art of the period was the sculpture forms.
An example of neoclassical architecture is the ‘national gallery of art’ in Washington DC and the ‘Lincoln memorial’ buildings. These buildings are considered representative of the neoclassical era because of their emphasis on walls and maintenance of separate identities to each of their parts (Bietoletti 82). The buildings appear to have been inspired by classical architecture from ancient Greece or Rome, and further get characterized by their tall columns that rise to the building’s full height and domed roofs.
Examples of neoclassical music include ‘the soldier’s tale’ and ‘the firebird’ both composed by Igor Stravinsky, a famous neoclassical composer and musician. His music is representative of the era because it aimed at reviving earlier music forms such as those during the romantic and baroque period. The music avoided the complex forms and exaggerated gestures of the music witnessed during the late romantic period. The music focused on reintroducing a tonal center and a melodic element to bring out a clear form.
The neoclassical era coincided with the age of enlightment. Artists during the period looked to draw inspiration from looking back at the art forms of classical times by emphasizing more on the classical ideals of rational control and order (Bietoletti 42). The attention paid to the past art forms ensured that these artists undertook a conservative approach in their works.
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Neoclassical Era Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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