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In his book, Diamond has described various reasons as to why societies collapsed as will be discussed in this paper. The paper provides a critical review of the reasons as to why societies collapsed and…
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Download file to see previous pages The paper will conclude with a critical evaluation f Diamond’s book and summarization of the main points discussed in the whole paper.
The author has succeeded in bringing out his message in the book. He has discussed the reasons as to why many societies collapsed especially in the 13th and 14th centuries. Some of the reasons as t why the societies collapsed include outbreak of deadly disease (Bubonic Plague), changes in climatic seasons, and war. Due to the above factors, many people in the societies lost their lives and this led to the reduction of people in the society. There is also the discussion of how the societies were able to recover from the loss. For one, there was strengthening of the army which enabled strong defense against the members of the society. There was cultural survival whereby the culture of the Mongols was dropped and the societies embraced the Chinese cultural traditions. There was multiplication of population due to increase of birth rates. This made the society to replace the people who were lost during the war.
According to Diamond, societies collapsed mainly in the fourteenth century due to the outbreak bubonic plague. Since the societies were crowded, the disease widely spread and caused lot of deaths to the people. The outbreak continued up to seventh century whereby by then it had claimed a lot of lives. The disease had spread and had covered most parts of Asia, Europe some parts of north Africa (Diamond 2011 , p. 350). In 1340s, merchants from Mongols and other travelers assisted in the spread of the plague along all the trade routes that were used by the Chinese people. By the year 1348, the disease had spread throughout the Mediterranean basin and most parts of Western Europe.
The other reason for the collapse according to Diamond was the changes in climatic seasons whereby in 1300 B.C there was a continued cool season for five years. This made famine to ravage the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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