History in Flags of our Fathers by James - Book Report/Review Example

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The book report "History in Flags of our Fathers by James" states that the personal search by James Bradley for his father’s past resulted in the planting of the seed of the mammoth and incredible tree of literature in the form of a landmark book related to another landmark of World War II…
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History in Flags of our Fathers by James
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Download file to see previous pages The mountain was called Suribachi; the island, Iwo Jima.”(3) The photographs and information contained in the boxes invited further research on the eventful happenings on the top of Iwo Jima, which changed the course of the war between America and Japan. Information related to the military saga flowed when Bradley pursued his search with flag raiser’s family members and the book began to take shape. The book is about the victory of the American forces in the Iwo Jima war and the author has crafted the story subjectively and objectively. He has dealt with the emotional world of the persons, directly and indirectly, involved with the war and the harsh ground realities of the war-fronts. The contractual writer of the book is Ron Powers.

James Bradley had the habit of typing out instantly the information that he revived over the telephone and his fingers typed the information received through the ears. That was the perfect system to record data of those compelling stories, which otherwise would have been lost in the womb of time. The author conducted about three hundred interviews to gather the research material. It was a patient and spirited task about which the author would be proud because he was talking to the heroes who revealed incredible information. The publication of this book was like the natural birth of a baby, not through the cesarean operation. This book was not written tailor-made for the market as such. It contains the spontaneous overflow of powerful and loyal feelings of the author, for the sake of his family and for the sake of the nation. Full justice has been made to the historical importance of the novel, from the points of view of subjectivity and objectivity.

Bradley’s father was a flag-raiser. Viewing the photo of flag-raising was an emotional experience for him. At the realities level, that action was the most decorated action in the history of the US. The US forces were positioned at the dangerous spot as the Japanese were entirely underground. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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