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Shay's Rebellion - Essay Example

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This can be evidenced from Washington’s predication of larger strides that Americans are likely to make in the course of emancipation.
The wise in the society have resulted to…
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Shays Rebellion
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Extract of sample "Shay's Rebellion"

Download file to see previous pages (151). Washington indicates that the then Americans did not enjoy liberty and security in their livelihood (151).
Drafting of a constitution that will champion for the needs of all citizens in the country, and one that will closely be adhered to, by all in the administration posts (151). This Washington quotes, to prevent incroachments and promote respect in the country.
In the letter it is evident that the then president has numerous fears that what the American was wary of at that particular time has numerous elements of truth and verity. In the chapter, Washington is indicated to verify that what he had dreamt of what had come to pass (David &Mayer, 152). From his letter, it is evident that;
In the letter, Washington laments to Knox on the behavior of rebels of Massachusetts (152). Though he advises Knox to respect the insurgents and keep advising them, Washington hopes for a better day in America.
Besides the allegations of corruption, which Washington claims, to have taken the headlines in the Newspapers, Washington is wary that Americans may not be bright enough to notice other ills that may be inflicted on them.
David & Mayer indicate that Washington is more than convinced that the ignorance in the Americans has augmented to an extent of them forgetting the virtues of the one prestigious and mighty country (152).
The need to amend the Federal constitution has become an obvious case. To prove this, Washington is seen to have a lot of confidence in the position and the ability of Knox to minimize the chances of the occurrence of bitter confrontations in the state.
Need for change in the public administration .Though Washington indicates that Knox is not exact in the type of change needed for this society; Knox’s letter indicates chances of his contribution in effecting change.
Washington advocates for complete vigilance and vigor in pushing for reforms in the country. This he confirms in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Shay'S Rebellion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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