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Shays’ rebellion was a civilian revolutionary war in the period of 1786-1787 fought against the government of the United States, due to financial instability and poverty in the post-war period (Malesky, 2011).
Articles of Confederation were designed by the Continental…
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What role do the articles of confederation play in Shays’ rebellion? Shays’ rebellion was a civilian revolutionary war in the period of 1786-1787 fought against the government of the United States, due to financial instability and poverty in the post-war period (Malesky, 2011).
Articles of Confederation were designed by the Continental Congress and was approved in 1781 by all states of America. The basic aim of the articles of confederation was to ensure complete freedom to the states of America who has got freedom from England; it was to promote local government rather than a central government of the states. This public article was to address residents of all 13 states of America and to be observed as a constitution.
The major points of the articles of confederation were (Rebellion - Manuscript: Articles of Confederation, www. Shays’ :
Assigned a name of “the United States” to the group of 13 freed states of America.
Ensures freedom to all the 13 states.
The favor should be there from all states for a common cause or national defense, whenever needed.
Although, states are separate and every state is free for their doings but citizens of every state are free to go to other states of America and will enjoy the civilian rights also.
Congress would be held in favor of national interest and it is obligatory on every state to send its representatives in congress to discuss common issues.
War is prohibited among states of America without the permission of the congress. Standing army fleets is not allowed, only maintenance army groups can exist in a state.
All states are allowed to appoint army officers in conditions where self defense is required.
National wealth system is proposed and contribution would be appropriately done from all states of America
Congress will be responsible to control the affairs of conflicts between states, worth of currency, army management, etc.
The executive committee will be formed in lights of guidelines laid by congress.
If any new state is going to be added in United states of America, it would be added after approval from the nine major states of America.
War expenditures will paid by congress.
It is mandatory for all states to follow the article and if any amendment is required, it will be made by congress and signed by all the following states.
Beyond any doubt, the articles have provided the strength to the states of America, but it has done a lot to fade the role of a central government. The articles were the major culprits to generate the shays’ rebellion. Congress was unable to generate money for national needs because there was no any system of taxes on the states and citizens and this has declined the financial status of congress and according to the articles, congress will bear all debts that were burdened on army men; when the congress was unable to pay the debts to the citizens of all the states, due to its limited funds, citizens were over burdened and they have demanded for a single central ruling authority for all the states through Shays’ rebellion.
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See below Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 10.
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