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Ise Shrine and a Modernist Construction of Japanese Construction which is an academic research that has been carried out by Jonathan Reynolds focus on the aesthetic value that the shrine holds and it’s impacts on the Japanese architectural culture of construction. The…
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Read the chapter 8-9 from this book Indian Art, rev. ed., by Roy Craven
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Introduction Ise Shrine and a Modernist Construction of Japanese Construction which is an academic research that has been carried out by Jonathan Reynolds focus on the aesthetic value that the shrine holds and it’s impacts on the Japanese architectural culture of construction. The architectural structure of this shrine has been built with extraordinary materials. The public status of the Ise shrine has not been compassionate. This is because, during the World War II, this shrine had issues related to imperialism and nationalism conquest. But, after the war, most modernists seized on the symbol of antiquity of the Japanese culture through incorporating it into their building designs.
The history representation of Ise Shrine
According to Jonathan, the Ise shrine played an important role in the architectural structures developed in the Japanese culture after the World War II. The Japanese modernists have been seen to be the original heirs to the cultural legacy that is related to the Ise shrine. Ise which is a model of the architecture of the Japanese brought the Shinto shrine at Ise into limelight during the post war period. Therefore, after the World War II, the Ise as a symbol of religious site and also a symbol based on imperial institution changed to be an aesthetic contemplation object (Gardner et al 534).
Photography played a major role in catalyzing the transformation of this site. Yoshio’s photographs that are exceptional gave an insight of shrine complex when viewed from the inside. This brought down the visual and spatial barriers that once existed when the shrines were considered to be regiopolitical aura. As a result, this has changed the nationalistic rhetoric shrill that existed during the World War II to the shrine being becoming a public institution (Gardner et al 534).
According to Jonathan’s argument, modernists have embraced the fact that shrines at Ise came into being during the World War II and maintains historical legacy that is complex in nature and is related to the Japanese culture. The history from the shrine has emanated into new cultural practices. The religious practices like Ise being a site for the key purpose of worship of the divine ancestors has since changed to the aesthetic value used architectural constructions.
Work cited
Gardner, Helen, Fred S. Kleiner, and Fred S. Kleiner. Gardners Art Through the Ages: A Global History. Australia: Wadsworth Cengage Learning, 2011. Print. Read More
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Read the Chapter 8-9 from This Book Indian Art, Rev. Ed., by Roy Assignment.
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