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A fiction work illuminates the unique Indian embroidery and perhaps culture (Kwon 46). It is a story that shows the hope of…
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Through the eye of a needle stories from indian desert book review
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Book Review Through the Eye of a Needle Stories from Indian Desert is ed by Charlotte Kwon and published by Maiwa Handprints Limited (First Edition, 2003). A fiction work illuminates the unique Indian embroidery and perhaps culture (Kwon 46). It is a story that shows the hope of Indian women to revive the textile industry in India. It is a book that tells the unique account of a set of craftswomen who are determined to highlight the unique Indian embroidery to the rest of the world. They create top-notch needlework reminiscent of those made by their ancestors.
Perhaps the author wanted to show the significance of culture in any community. Lovers of textile and embroidery will find the implausible stories of these women from the Klutch Mahila Vikas co-operative interesting and inspiring (Kwon 17). Hordes of knowledge are transmitted through various captivating embroidery designs. Apart from being valuable trade items, the needlework also provides a platform for the women to congregate and show their story and popular culture. The author vividly captures the outstanding landscape of Western Indian’s Klutch desert; the extraordinary diversity of the people living here and the magnificent colors of their embroideries tell it all. It is a game of survival where the women derive a living and at the same time retain their embroidery culture that has defied time.
The women symbolize the unique nature of Indian culture where women play a great role in the economy (Kwon 72). Textile industry thrives in India, and this group of women took advantage of this fact. The author is able to show the continuity of this culture. They fuse traditional embroidery elements with contemporary styles. Overall, the unique styles and decorations are not lost. The story is fast-paced and narrated in a way that makes the reader visualize and relate with these women.
In my opinion, I think the women are representative of the role women play in the economy. As such, they should be supported through co-operatives such as the one the women joined. This is a story of determination; of hope. It is a preservation of culture. Perhaps the important themes in the story are cultural heritage, economic role of women in the society (Kwon 75). When I read this book, I enjoyed the simple writing style and the fast-paced techniques employed by the author. I also have to understand the unique and extraordinary culture of Indians. The Klutch desert is an attraction on its own. I have to appreciate the daily struggles of Indians, most of who live in poverty. However, despite this, the women take advantage of their love for embroidery to make a living.
They employ creativity as well to come up with designs that compete alongside others from the rest of the world. This way, they illuminate their unique embroidery skills that were hitherto only recognized within the confines of India. India is portrayed in good light. The author is able to tell his story colorfully, sometimes using humor, imagery and suspense to keep the reader flipping through the pages. Overall, I found Through the Eye of a Needle Stories from Indian Desert interesting and a must-read.
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Kwon, Charlotte Through the Eye of a Needle: Stories from an Indian Desert. Vancouver, B.C., Canada: Maiwa Handprints Ltd, 2003. Read More
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