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These courses serve as a reminder about what past decision makers, government policy makers, generals, pioneers in the field of medicine or science, and social movement…
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Why do you think Humanities courses are required
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Section/# Humanities s are more than merely about finding out about what happened at a certain point in time. These courses serve as a reminder about what past decision makers, government policy makers, generals, pioneers in the field of medicine or science, and social movement have helped to shape our current world into what we experience in our daily lives. Without understanding the causal mechanisms that gave rise to the ideals of democracy, socialism, fascism, the right to vote, women’s suffrage, and the Civil Rights movement, it will be impossible for us to fully appreciate the reasons and sacrifices that so many before us have given in order to ensure we have a better life. Additionally, by understanding the shortcomings of worldviews that have been tried and failed, we are given adequate warning about the fate of many similar ideals that might be practiced within our own lifetimes. By understanding the nuances of the past and the reasons why the past has given way to the present we are able to better understand how and why we are where we are today.
Additionally, humanities (as their very name implies) gives us a full and complete picture of the human condition; replete with all of its rationality and irrationality. Unlike the hard sciences, humanities teach us that human nature is a fluid and liquid ideal that can be molded and bent to the will of powerful leadership dynamics for both good and bad purposes. This in turn reminds us that the way in which we study and understand the humanities is directly linked to how well we will be able to determine our own future for ourselves and our children. Read More
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