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Critical evaluation of Maths remaining as part of the curriculum - Essay Example

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Critical Evaluation of Math Remaining As Part of the Curriculum 12th December 2012 Critical Evaluation of Math Remaining As Part of the Curriculum Mathematics is considered as the most difficult subject in the school curriculum therefore raising concern over its continued existence…
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Critical evaluation of Maths remaining as part of the curriculum
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"Critical evaluation of Maths remaining as part of the curriculum"

Download file to see previous pages Teaching and learning mathematics dates back to the third century BC making mathematics an ancient subject (Martin, 2006). Pioneers of modern mathematics include Euclid, and Pythagoras. Presumably, the age of mathematics as a subject has rendered it irrelevant in the modern world evoking the debate on whether mathematics should remain part of the school curriculum. However most teachers particularly mathematics teachers believe that mathematics should remain as part of the school curriculum. This report present a critical analysis of responses received from both teachers and students with the aim of drawing a conclusion on the issue. Majority of the teachers confirmed that mathematics is the only subject that train students how to make logical decisions on an issue. Unlike other subject, mathematical knowledge is based on fundamental theorems and principle. In addition, mathematics is the only well defined subject or the only subject that avoids contradictions. This indicates that mathematics endows learners with fundamental skills that cannot be obtained from another subject taught in the school curriculum. According to Martin (2006), mathematics is the only universal subject and the only subject that has remained relevant over the years. ...
It has been established that most subjects teach students how to memorize or remember (Martin, 2006). This aspect makes mathematics a sufficient prerequisite to nearly all subjects taught in the school curriculum. Most science and engineering subjects such as chemistry, engineering, physics, and architecture use mathematics to proof and illustrate theoretical concepts. Discovery of abstract branches of mathematics such as algebra, topology, and analysis has also been instrumental in the evolution of computer science and information technology. Thus, nearly all subjects taught in the modern school curriculum depend on mathematics as their main language of illustration. From responses received, it is evident that teachers support the issue of maintaining mathematics in the school curriculum. It is also evident that mathematics is applicable in humanities and social sciences. In particular, mathematical techniques are applied in humanities and social sciences to establish social trends and to quantify key social quantities such as population. Therefore, mathematics cannot be eliminated from the school curriculum. The interactive nature of mathematics is the main factor that makes most students to shy away from the subject. Unlike other subjects taught in the school curriculum, mathematics requires active participation of students. This compels the students to participate in classroom activities such as class discussion and completing assignments. Thus, mathematics exams not only examine a student’s ability to remember theoretical content but their level of participation in the school activities. Evidently, the level of a student’s participation in mathematics also measures their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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