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From a Name to a Number - A Holocaust Survivor's Autobiography by Alter Wiener - Essay Example

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This essay focuses on a book "From a Name to a Number - A Holocaust Survivor's Autobiography" by Alter Wiener. In this autobiography, Alter Wiener talks about how his adolescent was captured by disturbing recalls of the concentration camps in Poland…
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From a Name to a Number - A Holocaust Survivors Autobiography by Alter Wiener
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Extract of sample "From a Name to a Number - A Holocaust Survivor's Autobiography by Alter Wiener"

From a Name to a Number - A holocaust
Survivor's Autobiography by Alter Wiener
This book is a genuine and appalling narration of Alter Wiener who was the lucky one to have survived the Holocaust. His father was mercilessly murdered on 11th September in the year 1939 by invaders from Germany in Poland. When his father died, Alter was only thirteen years old. When he was fifteen, he was deported to a Forced Labor Camp for the Jews in Germany at Blechammer. He was lucky enough to have survived five camps. When he was finally given freedom, on 9th May, 1945 by the Russian Army, he only weighed 80lbs as shown on the book cover. He is one of the few Holocaust survivors, who are still living, in Portland, Oregon today (Admin, 2012).
This is a very unique piece of writing not easily commendable. In this autobiography, Alter Wiener talks about how his adolescent was captured by disturbing recalls of the concentration camps of the Polish. It is traumatic and distressing compared to any situation one can face in his or her life. It is a heart taking narration of once again a dark chapter in the history of the world we all came across. We think we do know history, but all our ideas about history are shattered once we read about the debt of immortality and fear these people suffered. It is a firsthand account of the brutal events of the history which we sometimes don’t even want to know about (Wiener, 2008).
The book is an unpolished and rough read for the post holocaust period. This book is a proof to those disturbing events that were part of WWII. The message explains that prejudice can lead to such devastating events. Also, tolerance is very important part of each person’s life. It not only divulges the story of Wiener but also discloses many replies to his story. It reveals, wanders sexual adventures I don’t really want to know about. Considering it is a journal which was written by a person who was sent to a concentration camp at an early age and destitute from anything more than a grade school education till the time of his release. Even though the author talks about him being uneducated and deprived, if I read the book thoroughly I think that he is a well educated and very intelligent person (Wiener, 2008).
But that are just my opinions. Regardless of them, I believe the book is a true recount of the concentration camps describing every minute detail. I do feel pain for the author, and for all the people who died or survived these camps. The trauma of the camps continued centuries and even today’s generation is adversely affected by its aftermaths. The butchery of holocaust described in this autobiography does bring tears in my eyes when I realize that the families of the affected are traumatized even today by that happening. This autobiography will surely permit many people to truly comprehend the levels of horror and trauma in WWII and a way to have compassion for Holocaust victims (Wiener, 2008).
Wiener, Alter. 64735: From a Name to a Number : a Holocaust Survivor's Autobiography. Bloomington, Ind: AuthorHouse, 2008.
Admin. " "64735: FROM A NAME TO A NUMBER - A Holocaust Survivor's Autobiography" ." Alter Wiener Holocaust survivor, author, speaker. (accessed September 14, 2012).2012 Read More
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“From a Name to a Number - A Holocaust Survivor'S Autobiography by Essay”, n.d.
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