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The role of the secretariat of the United Nations - Research Paper Example

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The United Nations is a worldwide organization that was established with the primary objective of bringing unity to the countries around the globe that could work in association and harmony with each other, and that on the principles of impartiality, respect of entire human…
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The role of the secretariat of the United Nations
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Extract of sample "The role of the secretariat of the United Nations"

The Role of Secretariat of the United Nations Introduction The United Nations is a worldwide organization that was established with the primary objective of bringing unity to the countries around the globe that could work in association and harmony with each other, and that on the principles of impartiality, respect of entire human race, and fulfillment of the fundamental rights of the people. Social and economic growth, safety, security, and fulfillment of civil rights of the people are the prime concerns that UN has continued to manage and administer. Particularly, 193 countries across the globe are members of the UN (Farrall, 2007, pp. 1-3).
The secretariat is the backbone of the UN structure, which performs numerous, diverse and wide-ranging tasks, and duties that include supervision and management of international operations, carrying out surveys regarding the economic and social trends of different nations. Additionally, the secretariat oversees and governs the activities and policies designed by the G.A. It also acts as a communicator that clarifies the communication media concerning the activities of the UN, and thus it is divided up into various offices and departments (Myint-U, Scott & International Peace Academy, 2007, pp. 1-6).
In this regard, it becomes important to carry out research to discover the vast responsibilities and impact of secretariat of the United Nations. Hence, the purpose of the research proposal is to study "The Role of Secretariat of the United Nations", as the role of secretariat in the United Nations is one of the considerable aspects that need to be measured.
Research Objectives
The study aims to analyze, explore, and investigate the functions and responsibilities of the secretariat of the United Nations. Therefore, with this fundamental objective, an empirical study would be carried out that would incorporate the primary and key features with respect to the secretariat’s role:
To study the role of secretariat of the United Nations
To identify what the jobs and responsibilities are for which the secretariat of the United Nations is liable
To study how the Secretariat of the United Nations plays an important role
To evaluate why the role of Secretariat of the United Nations is pivotal
The research methodology is the systematic approach that would come under performance in order to collect and accumulate the widespread data and then convert into valuable information with reference to the aims and objectives of the study. Therefore, considering the question of the secretariat of the United Nations, the researcher would implement the secondary research methodology as the fundamental source to collect information (Kothari, 2008, pp. 1-5).
The secondary research methodology helps the researcher to gather a wide range of information that is available through a number of sources that include publications, reports, databases, and historical evidences. The conversion of the data into meaningful information is one of the pivotal aspects, due to which the interpretation is the last step of the research study. In this phase, the researcher transforms the collected information in accordance to the aims and objectives of the study that can prove to be meaningful to the research (Kothari, 2008, pp. 5-10).
Ethical Considerations
Since the core and focal concern of the secretariat of the United Nations includes the promotion of cooperation amongst the states on the international scene that can lead to economic and social development, human rights, and international law, therefore, the Secretariat confronts issues in peacekeeping operations, political affairs, and economic and social affairs. In this regard, the Secretariat needs to be very informed about the issues that are on the agenda of the UN so that it can come up with solutions that can lead to the overall growth and harmony of the nations.
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