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This essay “The history of the United Nations” explores the various objectives of the United Nations and whether it lives up to the ideals of its founders to date. The main aim of the United Nations was to ensure that peace prevailed throughout the world…
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The history of the United Nations
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Download file to see previous pages  Some of these countries included United States, china, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, United Kingdom, Czechoslovakia, and France, among others. According to Shaw (N.d, p.1), the main concern of the United Nations has been the human welfare. The United Nations was divided into sub-divisions, which included the general assembly, the Security Council, the economic and social council, the international justice court and the secretariat. In addition, each of these divisions serves a specific task in promoting the United Nation’s goals. The United Nations was formed with several aims; for instance, ensuring that peace prevailed worldwide and developing strong relationships among nations, among others. This essay will discuss the various objectives of the United Nations and whether it lives up to the ideals of its founders to date. The main aim of the United Nations was to ensure that peace prevailed throughout the world, that nations would develop friendly relationships, working together to assist people in living better lives through elimination of poverty, illiteracy, and diseases globally. In addition, the UN aims at bringing to a stop environmental degradation, as well as fostering democracy and respect for each other’s rights (United Nations publications, 2000). Therefore, the United Nations is the main organization that assists countries in achieving the above aims. Generally, the UN has several principles that guide its operations; first, member states are expected to obey the United Nations charter. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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