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American colonization society(ACS) and abolitionism - Essay Example

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American Colonization Society (ACS) is an organization founded by Robert Finleyin 1861 with the sole aim of assisting the black people to migrate to Africa. Robert Finleyin was a Presbyterian minister from New Jersey, who believed that free black Americans could never merge with…
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American colonization society(ACS) and abolitionism
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Extract of sample "American colonization society(ACS) and abolitionism"

Download file to see previous pages Also Finleyin had the aim of ending the social evil called slavery. Moreover, Finleyin believed that the existence of Black in America could very well threaten the well being and prosperity of whites.
On the other hand, the revolutionary movement to end slavery is knows as abolitionism. Abolitionism which is also called abolition movement emerged during the end of 19th century and beginning of 20th century. The act of abolitionism happened in Western Europe and America wherein a revolutionary emotional movement up surged to end chattel slavery and transatlantic slave trade. During the 16th and 19th century, the slave trade flourished and enormous number of slaves was transported to America for slavery. Despite its inhumanity and brutality, the slavery raised minimum protest, until the 18th century. It is later when enlightened and rational thinkers in 18th century rose against the violation of human right and freedom, that the negative aspect of slavery got some attention from people.
The major motive of ACS was anti – slavery and human right freedom. It had the main motive of encouraging Blacks who were free to migrate to Africa. There was also a motive to build a single independent state for the freed African slaves. The life of Africans in America, as slave was pathetic and as a result, the organization American Colonization Society wanted to give them a free and comfortable life. There was also an intention in the mind of the founder of the organization to establish freedom and quality of life to white people in America. Here, Finleyin understood the threat which can arouse from the side of African slaves if they get little power in future.So the founder of ACS has dual motive of freedom for Black and liberation for whites.
The movement of ACS consists of two groups of people and these two groups stood at the extreme ends by nature. According to (Word Press) “One group consisted of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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