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There is found to remain a particular view stating that that political power with regard to the modern states is believed to remain concentrated in the hands of an elite group. It becomes necessary in this regard to gain a lucid comprehension regarding the various theories…
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Critically discuss the view that modern states, political power is concentrated in an elite group
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Extract of sample "Critically discuss the view that modern states, political power is concentrated in an elite group"

Download file to see previous pages lated to power and political science in order to ascertain the actuality of the statement that whether political power of the modern states does actually remain concentrated in the hands of an elite group or not. The paper would also aim to critically discuss the various aspects related to the mentioned view in order to decipher the actual reality of the made statement or the perceived view and the reasons supporting it.
The relevant theories in relation to power which would aid in order to affirm or contend the statement that political power is usually found to be concentrated within an elite group need to be adequately explored. The fundamental theory that needs to be discussed in this regard is the pluralist theory of power. According to this particular theory, power is perceived to be possessed by quite some form of groups present in the society and which are believed to contend with one another. It has been stated in this regard that as no specific group is known to control and rule over the other existing groups so, a ‘plurality’ with regard to the contending interest in relative to the fraction of collective individuals as well as the political parties is viewed to typify the democratic form of societies (, “A Level Sociology: A Resource-Based Learning Approach”).
The other theory that requires to be mentioned with regard to the stated form of groups in the above mentioned ‘theory of power’ is the elite theory. This specific theory entails the notion that the existence of an uncomplicated plurality with regard to the competing groups present in the society is rather replaced by a succession of contending forms of elites. These mentioned forms of elites have been explained to be the group of powerful individuals who are considered to be competent enough to enforce their personal interests and desires on the overall society (Goertzel, “Theoretical Models in Political Sociology”).
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