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Political participation and labor inequities and associated disputes also triggered tensions, which later catalyzed into race riots. The East St. Louis Riot, Atlanta Riots, Omaha and…
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Causes of Race Riots Race riots across America in the 20th century were grounded in economic and social competition. Political participation and labor inequities and associated disputes also triggered tensions, which later catalyzed into race riots. The East St. Louis Riot, Atlanta Riots, Omaha and Chicago Riots were fuelled by tensions emanating from economic related disagreements, especially in the employment sector. Other triggers included homelessness and lynching perpetuated by violence, such as rape and police brutality1.
The mass racial violence in the 20th century unsettled race relations in America, which radically altered the shape of racial relations and racial policy within America. The outbreaks of civil unrest signified a progressive movement in which the subjects were empowered and ready to question the supremacy of any race. The outbreaks of civil unrest tore down the edifice of segregation and discrimination between the races2.
The African American migration, which took place between 1910 and 1970, entails African Americans movement from the rural South to the industrial North and West3. The Black migration was critical as it led to demographic changes and transformed the face of race relations in the region as African Americans became integrated into the society. The migration was also significant as it led to integration and segregation whereby it perpetuated racial divide as discrimination became rife, besides orchestrating a demographic revolution. The migration also had significant economic outcomes among the African Americans.
In conclusion, the events of the 20th century unsettled and provided the impetus in transforming the political, demographic, and cultural distinctiveness of the American society as a whole. The events radically altered most of the institutions (legal, political and social), which affected race relations.
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Rucker, Walter and James Upton. Encyclopedia of American Race Riots, Volume 2. Westport: Greenwood, 2007. Print. Read More
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CAUSES OF RACE RIOTS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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