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With the end of the civil war, industrialization started rising in America and hence industries were opened and manufacturing was taking place. This increased the profits among…
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Chapter 1 2 3 4 and 5
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Chapter 2 3 4 and 5 Affiliation: What are the great changes in American lifefrom 1865-1920?
There are several great changes that took place during this major period which followed the civil war. With the end of the civil war, industrialization started rising in America and hence industries were opened and manufacturing was taking place. This increased the profits among many individuals who started becoming entrepreneurs with the booming economy.
Women had previously been a marginalized group and with the start of industrial revolution and the end of civil war, many of them started working in the factories and the plantation farms that had started increasing and this brought about their freedom and the beginning of the end of the marginalization status and also beginning of equality between men and women (Chafe, 2009).
The end of civil war had ended slave trade and the African- American wanted to establish themselves fully in America as an independent group. This period therefore saw them starting their own churches and moving from the Christianity worshipped by most white people. Churches like the Methodist Episcopal were established for the African –America population as they moved away from the Presbyterian Church and others.
2. What areas did they seek America-order from chaos?
This period wanted to seek order in different areas and especially concerning relationship between women and men, whites and the blacks and the poor and those who were rich. Order was required because there was widespread discrimination among these groups of people and it brought about chaos among them.
With the freedom from slavery and the establishment of industries, African-American started interacting more freely with the whites and hence ending their chaos and differences. Women started working in cotton factories and farms with the establishment of industries and hence secured their independence and ended marginalization from the men. Those considered poor in the society also got work in the industries and unions started advocating for their rights in terms of increase in wages and good working conditions and this ended the chaos with the rich who owned the industries (Chafe, 2009).
3. How did the concept of "the system" bring order to American life?
The concept of “the system” was an economic plan that was formulated by several leaders of congress that was meant to protect the American population and especially the entrepreneurs and other business people from economic loss. It also contained parts about rebuilding the country’s transportation system that was not that well organized before the industrial revolution and after the civil war.
Goods from Europe were cheaper than those produced by industries in America and “the system” established tariffs that made importation of goods from Europe more expensive and hence American goods started being consumed. A bank to trade single currency was also established and it promoted private banking and this was adopted by all including women and the African-American and hence reducing discrimination completely (Chafe, 2009).
Transportation and other infrastructural improvements covered by this plan improved greatly the lives of traders and even made communication easier since travelling was faster and safer than before the establishment of the system and this increased the order in that country and reduced chaos.
4. What factors led to US involvement war world I?
One of the factors was revenge. American wanted to revenge the attack on their ship by the Germany U-boats which sank the ship where over 100 American perished. The other reason was because they wanted to help Italy and other nations and hence entered the war as the allies of those nations to prevent them from losing. America also wanted to prove their military superiority and hence entered the war.
5. How did progressive to reform city, state, national levels? (give examples of each)
At the city level, there was reorganization of the local government by use of city manager style of management, for example a professional city manager was hired to be in charge of running each department in the city and then report to the city council.
The state reforms included privacy during voting without the bosses knowing who voted what. The voters were also allowed to petition in order to have a representative whom they elected removed from office.
The national level also experienced reforms like laws on food processing where companies were required to label their ingredients when they packaged them in containers. This was an example among many other reforms in at the national level.
6. Discuss stereotypes versus realities of 1920s?
During this period, there was an increase in stereotypes on women as sexual objects in films and books. This was however not only the stereotypes in those films but it were the reality of what was taking place during this time. One of the reasons given was that with the liberalization of women, men had to look for ways to bring women down and they did this by portraying them as sex symbols and nothing else.
7. New deal Accomplishments and criticisms?(in chapter 5)
One of the accomplishments is that it led to political realignment and made the Democratic Party the majority having its base in liberal ideologies. There was establishment of Farm Security and United States Housing Authority and a Fair Labor Standards Act that set maximum and also minimum wages for different categories of workers (Chafe, 2009).
One criticism is that it despite the realignment, it led to a coalition that dominated most of the presidential elections and made the opposition dominate the congress. It also led to the split of Republicans with some opposing it and others agreeing to support the deal.
Chafe, W. H. (2009). The rise and fall of the American century: United States from 1890-2009. New York: Oxford University Press. Read More
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