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Ideology and Identity in the Korean Dynasty - Essay Example

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The paper “Ideology and Identity in the Korean Dynasty” is about the Korean dynasty established in 918 by emperor Taejo, which later came, to be pronounced Korea. The Korea kingdom later united the three kingdoms in 936 and ruled the most of Korean peninsula…
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Ideology and Identity in the Korean Dynasty
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Extract of sample "Ideology and Identity in the Korean Dynasty"

The country later came into a period of civil war and rebellion led by some few leaders and later on the declining Silla is known as the later three kingdoms. The founder was a merchant of a certain family presently known as the “Kaesong” who overthrew some kingdoms and then formed the “Goryeo” kingdom and dynasty in 918. The dynasty later adopted Silla with a hostile stage but later on, in 927, it lost the battle, lost his best supporters then. The defeater of the Goryeo dynasty dominated the three kingdoms but later on, in 930, he was defeated by Andong. The later three kingdoms era ended as “Goryea” annexed Silla in 935. Wang Geon moved the capital to his home town Kaesong and ruled the Peninsula as the first Emperor of Goryeo. The book set the standard for authoritative history that acted as a field where different players and notions interacted and influenced each other, creating a web in which interactions and contradictions about the norm were formulated and voiced; a decidedly peninsular accepted form of expression, by tapping into the body of cultural resources that were shared amongst them.
The story of this young boy in the book is particularly attracting although it seems factious. First, am left wondering about the history of this person. The book describes the place he was born as a private home south of Soak. The most intriguing part, are the events that happened during the birth of the child, that the room shined extremely bright giving out purple all day long just like a dragon. The mystery behind these unusual happenings is what surprises me most. Again, the facial description of the child is truly exaggerating; that his face resembled the face of a king with a well-rounded chin and wide forehead. It is extraordinarily hard for someone, to declare somebody a king by simply looking at his face. This, apart from the story in the bible about the anointment of David as the next king of Israel, happened to this small boy.
The next compelling story about him is how he was anointed by the monk, who had even never seen nor heard about him. The monk comes from nowhere and gets his father Sejo with this news without having known that the boy was already born. The description of the small boy is quite exaggerating, that he had heaven’s fortune, and that, he was the one to redeem the people of the world that had come to an end. The interesting part about the story on the boy is his greatness and uniqueness. Since he was a kid, his mind was a formidable one, and he did unique things since then. Furthermore, he was to be the rescuer of the world because he was heaven sent. His greatness was so vast, that he was able to attack and occupy many places and made them his own, by defeating their leaders in wars. He has also appointed the commander of the navy and pronounced the lord at the age of only twenty years; all these achievements and prosperity for a twenty-year-old boy are just fascinating and hard to believe. Read More
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Ideology and Identity in the Korean Dynasty Essay.
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