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The historical and literary significance of the relationship concerning Emperor Xuanzong, An Lushan, and Yang Guifei - Essay Example

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Instructor Course Submission date The historical and literary significance of the relationship concerning Emperor Xuanzong, A Lushan, and Yang Guifei The historical and literary significance of the relationship concerning Emperor Xuanzong An Lushan, and Yang Guifei…
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The historical and literary significance of the relationship concerning Emperor Xuanzong, An Lushan, and Yang Guifei
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"The historical and literary significance of the relationship concerning Emperor Xuanzong, An Lushan, and Yang Guifei"

Download file to see previous pages Emperor Xuanzong, though, was held responsible for over-trusting An Lushan, Li Linfu andYang Guozhong during his late time in power, with Tang's golden era ending in the Anshi Rebellion. This was clear beginning of the Tang Dynasty's decline (Skaff 223). The An Shi Rebellion (755-763) was a whirling end in the Tang Dynasty’s recognition of foreigners. Subsequent to the Rebellion, it was narrow-minded that culture and rising persecution of foreign and religious communities. For this reason, cultural historians of the Tang allege that this attitudinal change was a reaction to the uprising. In current history, the Rebellion is at all times seen as a demonstration of the threat of the outsider (West 108). The attitudinal move of the Tang is thus seen, as a result, to this sudden manifested unfamiliar threat. This conventional explanation places the social and political as a reason, and assumes that the attitudinal shift was a natural outcome of the disastrous foreigner-led revolution. It has been found that the opposite is true. As is detailed above, the Rebellion was in no way strained along tribal lines, with both sides deeply associated with foreign control in China. The classification of the rebels as representative of the threat of the alien did not come up sensibly out of the actual situation. However, this clarity was produced by a cultural background that defined all the Tang Empire’s conflicts as a war stuck between the barbarians’ people and the Han. The attitudinal move away from cosmopolitanism and towards elimination of the foreigner pre-dated and defined the uprising (West 108). Through research, the development of this artistic shift in popular literature and politics was before the Rebellion. It is evident that the shift towards the elimination of the foreigner began at least three decades earlier to the Rebellion. In paragraph one sentence two the evidence of this shift, demonstrate how this cultural context affected the Tang elites’ perceptive of the Rebellion as it occurred. Both in paragraph one and two support the thesis that the identification of the Rebellion as a foreign incursion was primarily caused by pre-Rebellion cultural shifts relatively to the actual events of the Rebellion. The An Shi Rebellion is named after the two rebel leaders (703-757). Turco-Sogdian frontier general named An Lushan, who revoked Tang and established his own rule in the central and northeastern regions of China (Ye 71). Guifei was born in 719 during the Dynasty of Tang, early in the sovereignty of Emperor Xuanzong. Almost immediately into his reign as rebel emperor, An Lushan was assassinated by his officers and own staff (West 108). The throne was passed to his son whose ruling was marked by military struggles that lead to rescue of west-central china by Tang. One of the generals seized the rebel state until his assassination in 762, where his son could not lead and was defeated by Tang forces and committed suicide. This marked the end of the rebellion. Regardless of the overseas heritage of the two royal families of the radical state, the actual ethnic identity of equal sides was extremely complex. The rebel state had ties with Han Hebei separatists and engaged thousands of Han officials and generals, even as the Tang administration during the Rebellion functioned as a Uyghur vassal. The Tang surrender to foreigners would substantially outlive the Rebellion (Ye 323). The relationship of the three leader’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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