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The present essay under the title "Military Decision Making under Risks" dwells on the historical event called Operation Market Garden. As the author of this essay puts it, Operation Market Garden took place on 17- 27 September in 1944 during the Second World War…
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Military Decision Making under Risks
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For the "Operation Market Garden" to be successful, the operation had to be speedy (Schultz 19). The basis of the attack was the stunning and unanticipated victory of Operation Overboard of June 1944 as well as in the battle for Normandy. General Eisenhower the absolute allied commander, had evaluated the combat power of the German forces and approved the operation, risky as it was. The allies’ alleged that the German forces were so demoralized and jumbled, thus could not withstand further attacks. Eisenhower strategized to attack the German forces along the whole front and eventually end the war (Schultz 20).
The operation Market Garden failed mainly due to planners assumptions. The Allies got into a near dilemma in Normandy after the great success as they were exhausted and required some time to reorganize themselves. Deficiency of material supplies nearly brought the operation to a halt. Another setback was when the allies they anticipated collapse of the German forces. They therefore, predicted the war was coming into a conclusion. Many commandants now put their focus on the probable promotions they would get due to this achievement. Another reason was that the Germans had reorganized themselves by early September. German forces had an advantage since the terrain they had to defend was small which enhanced communication (Schultz 26).
The consequences of the failure of the Operation Market Garden were include, it demoralized the allies, which prolonged the war. In addition, the allies suffered losses where 10% officers were killed and 50% captured while several others were critically injured. Eisenhower and Montenegro also suffered public scrutiny (Schultz 29-35). Read More
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Military Decision Making under Risks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 364 Words.
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