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27 people wounded by four consecutive explosions - Admission/Application Essay Example

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It is to be noted that the terror factor remains part of the world for centuries and it has now only advanced to various levels with the invention of deadly arms and…
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27 people wounded by four consecutive explosions
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Extract of sample "27 people wounded by four consecutive explosions"

Download file to see previous pages Many of these explosions carry an agenda which requires the Government to oblige to a particular need of the terrorist organization. In many other cases, these terror activities are carried on in order to scare the public and to announce the coming of a new terrorist organization. Thus, there is no specific reason for the terror activities and explosions that are carried out on a global level. A careful stance needs to be maintained on this area in order to prevent further loss of life and property.
Ukraine is the latest nation to get affected by the bombing and explosion spree. The civilians and the Government of Ukraine were stunned at the ruthless bombing in some of the prime areas of Ukraine. It was recently affected by four consecutive explosions or bombings that completed ripped apart the Dnipropetrovsk’s eastern city. The explosions led to severe loss of life and property. A total of 27 were wounded because of the explosion and this caused a huge furor in the region. Ukrainian city of Dnipropetrovsk faced four consecutive bombings in a short interval of time. The authorities who identified it to be a terror activity are further investigating about the explosion that caused a great level of unrest and insecurity in the region.
Soon after the four blasts that injured 27 people, the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich called the blast that happened in a Friday morning as a terror activity and posed a huge challenge to the whole of nation. It is to be noted that the bombs were planted on that of few rubbish bins and hence could not be identified. This has eventually leaded to the four blasts happening in a consecutive manner. It needs to be understood that the entire operation looks well planned and executed with the proper placement of the explosives in some of the prime areas of the city. The blast caused injury to 27 people and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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