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His contributions were more relevant to the United States, a country he governed for 12 years during a worse time in American…
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Franklin D. Roosevelt
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Download file to see previous pages Throughout his career, Roosevelt gained immense success in all the positions he held; this made him one of the most celebrated leaders America has ever had.
Born on January 30th, 1882 in New York to James Roosevelt and Sara Delano Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt was the only child from this wealthy family. During his younger days, he received home training from home tutors until he was 14 years when he joined Groton school in Massachusetts (Coker 11). After his studies in Groton school, he went to study a bachelor’s degree in history in Harvard University for three years. Roosevelt later joined Columbia University to study law. In 1907, he exited from the university after passing the bar examination, which allowed him to practice law for three years in New York (Renshaw 15).
During his studies in Columbia University, Roosevelt had married Anna Eleanor Roosevelt in 1905. Roosevelt and Anna got six children, and Roosevelt spent most of his time with his children (Black 266). In 1910, Roosevelt made his first attempt in politics where he vied for the New York City senator through the Democratic Party. Roosevelt emerged the winner and became the New York senator; he held this position till 1914 after his re-election in 1912. In the senate, he served under the Wilson administration as the assistant secretary of the navy. Roosevelt gained immense experience from this position after closely working with Josephus Daniels who was the secretary of the navy at the time (Renshaw 16).
Roosevelt demonstrated exemplary leadership skills while working as the assistant secretary to the navy, something which was noted by democrat leaders. By the time America was getting into World War I, Roosevelt had already put America’s naval plant into its most efficient way to fight the battle. Roosevelt was also hugely instrumental in advising the United States on the best war plan on the battle of the North Sea that helped in weakening the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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