Fighting drug trafficking in the carribbean (jamaica and trinidad/tobago) - Thesis Example

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Well-established South American cartels have utilized the geographical advantages posed by the Caribbean basin as a transit point between the supply market in South America and the demand markets in the…
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Fighting drug trafficking in the carribbean (jamaica and trinidad/tobago)
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Download file to see previous pages efore, seeks to describe drug trafficking, in the Caribbean, particularly Jamaica and Trinidad/Tobago, how it grew beyond its borders to be an international menace, and measures that can be taken to ensure its control.
Most existing scholars on this topic tend to discuss only the supply side of the drug trafficking trade. This, however, has led to the notion that Caribbean governments have failed to do their work. Although there is some truth in that notion but, the truth are these countries have little economies meaning funds are stretched making it had to fight a business that is well establish and consumer countries have done little to lessen the business on their side. This paragraph, therefore, seek to elaborate on how both sides the supply and the consumer must all adopt newer policies since the drug traffickers also adapt to newer tactics in their trade.
This research method utilizes qualitative method of analysis. Qualitative method is more suitable since they are proven, reputable and well documented statements. The research design adopted for this paper is that of reading and understanding the whole element of drug trafficking from its history, policies of the war against the crime as well as the countries involve and some of the factors making the crime a factor in those countries. This information was gathered from books, journals and approved international organization websites like the UN center. Information, in these sites, was the most relevant as it described the whole drug trafficking factor and aspects of the trade that has made it be associated with terrorism.
Jamaica is the leading producer and exporter of marijuana, in the Caribbean, though a sizeable amount is consumed locally. This has been due to the Jamaica’s culture of Rastafarianism, which has spread through out the island. Marijuana was introduced to the island in the mid-19th century by indentured laborers from India. Its production is mainly in the Blue Mountains located ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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