Imagine that you are participating in a professional conference, and your role is to offer commentary on three papers that examine early modern Europe and make claims about religion and violence - Essay Example

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The challenges that religious figures faced in the ancient time emanated from their relationship with the society. Just like today, the society is keen to observe…
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Imagine that you are participating in a professional conference, and your role is to offer commentary on three papers that examine early modern Europe and make claims about religion and violence
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Extract of sample "Imagine that you are participating in a professional conference, and your role is to offer commentary on three papers that examine early modern Europe and make claims about religion and violence"

Download file to see previous pages By the beginning of 16th century, the medieval church and all it represented ventured into a period comprised of profound crisis. At this time, the church was approximately fifteen centuries old. Most of the church history comprised of continuous confrontation of problems from within its organization and from without. However, by 1500, these problems rose to the surface and made the church shake at its very foundation. Political philosophers had rejected the idea presented by the claiming that popes were superior to kings. These disagreements acted as major contributors of religious wars and violence in early modern Europe (Whitford 345). According to theorists like Karl Marx, there was no need to reform the church since his secular theory based on the notion that religion and faith were nothing more than cement that held society together.
Another way in which religious fanaticism led to insurgence of violence and religious wars in early modern Europe is by allowing local church bishops control all of the bankers, merchants, and artisan economic and commercial activities. When philosophers describe modern Europe, in this instance, they talk about France, Italy, England, Spain, Scandinavia, Germany, and the Low Countries. These business people from Europe’s largest cities conflicted with the local church bishops who controlled business activities, an idea that the former resented. Merchants, bankers, and artisans believed that they would have more money and power if only the church could cease controlling their money making and producing business (Greyez 187). Even capitalism had not yet infiltrated into Europe, it is evident that there was development of secular concept of acquisition and work.
Additionally, fanaticism facilitated the endemic upsurge of religious violence and wars in that, in the 16th century, there were numerous reformers who criticized the church openly for its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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