Adolf Hitler-World War I and II - Essay Example

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He is mostly viewed as a dictator of Germany between 1934 and 1945, who is said to be responsible for the Holocaust, fascism in Europe, and the…
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Adolf Hitler-World War I and II
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Marysue Andreozzi History 161 18 April Adolf Hitler – World War I and II Many present Adolf Hitler as a German politician of Austrian origin, who was also the leader of the Nazi Party in Germany. He is mostly viewed as a dictator of Germany between 1934 and 1945, who is said to be responsible for the Holocaust, fascism in Europe, and the World War 2 (WW2). Hitler was also a decorated and famous veteran of the First World War. In the sources reviewed in this paper, the authors commonly present Hitler as being part of the First World War since he was a soldier in World War 1 (WW1), and served as a runner in Belgium and France on the Western Front between 1914 and 1918. He was part of the Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment 16, where he was involved in major combats. Hitler is also presented as being responsible for the Second World War (Haugen 7).
Adolf Hitler is said to have influenced society, economy, politics, and ideas that are there for the people living today. Hitler’s love for the army majorly influenced how he ruled Germany at the time he was a dictator. He used military styles to rule the country. During WW1, Hitler won many awards for being an exemplary soldier who depicted cold-blooded boldness and courage (Haugen 53). Hitler also influenced major economic activities like agriculture in the sense that he idealized rural life, and saw that cities had a corrupting effect to the people’s minds. He supported the preservation of the peasant class. He also influenced the aviation industry through the creation of the Air Ministry. Previously, aviation was only seen in the United States (Nicholls 16).
As Hitler rose to power, he preached murder, violence, and hate. When he was the absolute German leader between the 1930s and 1940s, millions and millions of people died because of his wishes. He lied and encouraged prejudice, ironically winning the support of those who believed him (Roberts 6). Politically, WW2 is said to have been caused by Hitler as a result of his 1930s influence on German politics. Hitler has affected the world and ideas of people today through many things such as the massive loss of life. From an economic perspective, the United States is said to have been led out of depression and into the post war era boom. This has enabled it to remain a superpower ever since (Haugen 7). Socially, Hitler has influenced technological advancements, both to civilians and the military. These include atomic energy, jet engines, and synthetic nylon fibers among others. Hitler’s legacy also led to the realignment of many of the states in the Eastern Bloc. From another social perspective, the rights of women increased as they changed their roles from homemakers to heads when their men were involved in the war as soldiers (Nicholls 19).
The society was also divided as a result of the cold war. For example, Germany was divided into East and West Germany, and the United States and Russia created cold war. The ideas of Hitler have influenced the world today in that they are still used by some to win wars. Many people detest them and are against them because they are inhumane. All in all, Hitler is mostly remembered for the bad ways in which he influenced the world.
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