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Adolf Hitler and world war 2 - Essay Example

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It renamed as National Socialist German Workers, the Nazi. Hitler became the chair of the party in 1921. He managed to accomplish leadership in the party resulting of…
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Adolf Hitler and world war 2
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"Adolf Hitler and world war 2"

Download file to see previous pages nticipated to coup the republican government in a “beer-hall putsch.” The Leading Bavarian officials, the discontented nationalists, surrounded at a meeting during a Munich beer hall held by Nazi militia or the storm troopers. The nationalists had loyalty to the revolution of Hitler. After regaining his freedom, they used the army (Reichswehr) in defeating the coup. That led to the fleeing of Hitler. Later, arrested and imprisoned for five year in Landsberg fortress where he served nine months (Rice 46).
The putsch was significant to the growth of Hitler as it made him known throughout Germany. He dictated his ambitions to Rudolf Hess on the turgid struggle while still at the prison. His sentiments were full of worship of power, the anti-Sematic outpourings, and the strategy for the world domination and the disdain for the civil morality. It, therefore, became the bible for the National Socialism. In 1929, under the leadership of Hitler and Gregor Strasser, the party gained popularity during the economic depression, bringing in mass support (Rice 76).
The Germans were tired of the reparations payments to the World War I victors. Threatened by the hyperinflation, possible Communist takeover, and political chaos, Hitler offered the solutions and the scapegoat. To the economic depression, he promised to despoil the “Jew financiers.” To the workers, he promised security. As a result, he received the financial support from the bankers and the industrialists with the anti-Communism and in promising to control the trade unionism (Rice 77).
Therefore, Hitler had a sinister and a keen insight into issues to do with mass psychology. He was the master of maneuver and intrigue. After getting the citizenship of Germany through the Brunswick state, he ran for the presidency during the 1932 elections. He loses to the prevalent war protagonist Paul von Hindenburg. He received a major part of his votes from the protestant followers, approximately 18.3% ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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