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The Great War - Essay Example

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The US entry into the Great War was prompted by several socio-economic reasons among which the most important were the German “decisions and actions” that affected or could have adversely affected America, “revelations of the Zimmermann plans for lining up allies against…
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The Great War
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Extract of sample "The Great War"

The US entry into the Great War was prompted by several socio-economic reasons among which the most important were the German “decisions and actions”that affected or could have adversely affected America, “revelations of the Zimmermann plans for lining up allies against the United States, and mounting public opinion” that demanded that the US enter the war (Carlisle, 2007, p.192). As part of the submarine warfare launched by Germany, when submarine blockade was announced by it, the already volatile American domestic situation favoring war grew to its peak (Carlisle, 2007, p.194). It was also the very effective British propaganda that developed public support in US for the allied forces (Carlisle, 2007-, p.194).
Meanwhile, the telegram sent by the foreign minister of Germany, Arthur Zimmerman, to German minister in Mexico, indicating that there is a possibility of Germany engaging in a war with the US got leaked by the British and this information naturally provoked the US (Carlisle, 2007, p.194). Many US ships being destroyed by the submarine warfare of the Germans by this time was another reason why public and political pressure mounted on the US government to be a party in the war (Carlisle, 2007, p.194). Yet another reason for the US entering the war was the close financial connection between the US and the Britain (Keene, 2006 p.8). America had given “huge loans” to Britain and other allied forces and thus big money was at stake (Keene, 2006, p.5). Britain and France reacted to the American decision by asking for replenishment with fresh American fighters of their war-wearied troups in the war front (Keene, \2006, p.11). But the US did not concede to this demand of splitting the American forces and merging them with the British and French troupes (Keene, 2006, p.11).
Carlisle, R.P. (2007) World War I, New York: Infobase Publishing.
Keene, J.D. (2006) World War I, Connecticut: Greenwood Publishing Group. Read More
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