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This paper 'Hussein's Prewar Ties To Al-Qaeda Discounted" focuses on the fact that the US intelligence agencies had no evidence to establish any mutual relationship between the al-Qaeda and Iraq government, Bush administration continued to advocate in 2002 that such a relationship was existing. …
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According to Bush, al-Zarqawi was in seen in Iraq before the September 11 attack and this provided good evidence of the link between Iraq and al-Qaeda operatives. Indeed, critics stated that Bush wanted to create the impression that Iraq was directly involved in the September 11, attack.
Condoleezza Rice, The White House National Security Adviser, also stated that another reason why the US went to war with Iraq was that Saddam Hussein was a threat within the region from where the September 11, attack emerged.3 She continued to state that, Saddam, assisted in the training of the terrorists and more importantly had great hatred towards the US, and with his ability to posses weapons of mass destruction, and his clear readiness to use such weapons, he was a threat that America was not ready to tolerate. 
From the short discussion, it is clear that the September 11 attack was directly connected to the war in Iraq. One may argue that supposing September 11 did not occur, the war in Iraq would never have happened. Such is the connection.  
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