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Al Zawahiri’s anger traces back to when the US CIA failed to support their cause immediately after Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan (Zahn 1) …
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The definition of Al Qaeda group
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An outline I. Introduction The definition of Al Qaeda group The meaning of the Al Qaeda group How many groups join to make the Al Qaeda group (Alexander 50)
A brief history of the Al Qaeda group
The year of formation
The location of the group
The leader of the group
The approximated number of members
Organization of the group
Religion of the group
How many attacks the group has claimed since formation
Current leader
II. Al Qaeda and the truth about Osama bin laden
A. Section one
Early Life of Osama Bin Laden
Where he was born (Gauvain 713)
The year he was born
His childhood, family, and upbringing
His level of education
Occupation before joining Al Qaeda
Osama Bin Laden and the Pan-Islamlist Idea
His religion
The political beliefs of Osama Bin Laden
He became a follower of Abdullah Azzam in the 1970s (Di Giovanni 12)
In 1979 the Soviet troops carried out an invasion in Afghanistan
Bin Laden and Azzam moved t Peshawar, Pakistan
Azzam, Bin Laden, and the Afghan rebels
The organization served by Azzam and Bin Laden
Osama and the building of Al Qaeda
Al Qaeda created in 1988 by Bin Laden
The group focused on symbolic acts that regard terrorism as opposed to military campaigns
Bin Laden’s return to Saudi Arabia in 1989
The first bombing
Osama the worldwide Jihad
Bin Laden and associates
Bin Laden and American servicemen in 1993 in Mogadishu
The New York WTC bombing in 1993
Attempted assassination President Hosni in 1995
The US NGTC bombing in 1995
Tuck bomb in America in 1996
Osama the public enemy
Osama moved to Afghanistan from Sudan
Increased Bin Laden attacks
The U.S Embassy Killings in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania; August 7, 1998 (Dahl 179)
The U.S.S Cole destruction on October, 2000
B. Section two
Who is Al Zawahiri
Where he was born
The year he was born
His childhood, family, and upbringing
His level of education
Occupation before joining Al Qaeda
Position in Al Qaeda
The ideas of Al Zawahiri
Al Zawahiri’s book (BBC 1)
The Al Qaeda plan
The levels of terror
Al Zawahiri’s anger traces back to when the US CIA failed to support their cause immediately after Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan (Zahn 1)
How the ideas influenced Osama Bin Laden to Join Al Qaeda
Started working together in the 1980s
Zawahiri worked with the RCS while Bin Laden went to Peshawar for a fund drive
Bin Laden got politically motivated in 1980 but was ideologically malleable
III. Conclusion
A brief capture of the Al Qaeda history
Re-telling how Bin Laden and Al Zawahiri’s met to form the extreme group
A re-capture of the bombings
Current leader of Al Qaeda
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