Martin Luther as a Prominent Figure in the World - Assignment Example

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The author focuses on Martin Luther king junior who could be described as a priest, a teacher, a preacher as well as a theologian. He is a man who left a great legacy not only in Europe but in the world as a whole. He remains one of the great men of the world who are still influential in history.    …
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Martin Luther as a Prominent Figure in the World
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Martin Luther was able to change people’s opinion on matters of life through his speech (Carson, 2007. P. 92).
Through his speech, people got to understand that they can do better. Luther believed in salvation as a gift out of God’s grace. However, he made people understand that salvation cannot be received without faith. His way of translating the bible as well as criticizing the Hebrews was outstanding. His work that is manifested in his life changes Christian theology. This formed the basis of Christian movements in Europe which later spread to all parts of the world (Carson, 2007. P. 72). In addition, his speech opened up people’s minds and their view on the Roman Catholic Church.

However, his main achievement could be said to be the German Peasant Rebellion. This enabled people to think critically but positively about their economic status. This has changed people minds from achieving the minimum to excellent achievers (Carson, 2007. P. 54). Martin Luther was, is and will always remain a prominent figure in the world.  Read More
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