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The English Reformation - Essay Example

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The author of this essay "The English Reformation" focuses on the process of Western Civilization. As the present essay has it, having spread from the Middle East and expanded into West, this civilization has actually gone through different periods of rise and fall…
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The English Reformation
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Extract of sample "The English Reformation"

Western Civilization has been on the forefront of world civilization since last few centuries. Having spread from Middle East and expanded into West, this civilization has actually gone through different periods of rise and fall however, it persisted over other civilizations and is now the dominating civilization in the world. What is however, critical to note that Western Civilization became prominent due to various personalities which were the direct cause of different dramatic reformations which took place over the period of time? This paper will discuss the role Martin Luther, John Calvin and Henry VIII in the Reformation of the Western Civilization.
Martin Luther
This paragraph will examine the role of Martin Luther in reformation of Western Civilization. Church has been dominating force in Western Civilization and over the period of time, it assumed the central role across different Regions because of the catholic majority. What is however, critical to note that many people actually considered Pope and Church involved in the worldly affairs and distracting from the original mandate of the same. Martin Luther was the person who basically called for the reformation of the Catholic Church and set the foundation for Protestant movement. By presenting his 95 theses he called for the full reforms of the Church and set forth the chain reaction which actually ensured personal freedom and proved as a move towards more liberal and open society in Western civilization. (Mullett)
John Calvin
This will discuss the role of John Calvin in reformation of the Western Civilization and how his theology challenged the Catholic Church. John Calvin played even a bigger role in the reformation process and his achievements are considered as even better than that of Martin Luther.
Probably his greatest achievement in terms of the reformation was further solidification of protestant ideology and the flourishing of the protestant churches across the Europe. Though he and Luther shared the same theology however, his influence in Germany proved as one of the deciding factors in terms of the spread of Protestantism across the region. The birth of Puritans therefore proved as a vital development which challenged the position of the established Catholic Church and appointed their own ministers without reporting to the Church. Calvin therefore was instrumental in founding what is now called Calvinism and was an important figure in reformation. (Backus and Benedict)
Henry VIII
This paragraph will discuss about the role of English King Henry VIII in reforming Western Civilization. Henry VIII due to his position as the King of England was able to use his influence to change the belief or the stance of Church on important issues such as Divorce in Catholicism. Despite the fact that he defended Church against Martin Luther however, his willingness to have a male heir actually resulted into what is called English Reformation as he pushed through for the legislations which proved vital for further reforms in the Western Civilization. (Dickens)
The paper discussed the roles of Martin Luther, John Calvin and English King Henry VIII in reforming the Western Civilization.
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