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The Reform Program of John Calvin in the City of Geneva Comparing it with either the Enlish or the Catholic Reformation - Research Paper Example

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TOPIC: The Reform Program of John Calvin in the city of Geneva comparing it with either the English Reformation or the Catholic Reformation INTRODUCTION: John Calvin was a Frenchman, born in 1509 in Noyon, Picardy. He studied theology from the University of Paris, but was pressurized by his father to study law, therefore he was originally a humanistic Lawyer…
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The Reform Program of John Calvin in the City of Geneva Comparing it with either the Enlish or the Catholic Reformation
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"The Reform Program of John Calvin in the City of Geneva Comparing it with either the Enlish or the Catholic Reformation"

Download file to see previous pages When the Religious tension raised up and took a dangerous course Calvin fled to Basel in Switzerland where he published his first book “The Institute of the Christian Religion” in 1936. In the following year, he was hired to help reform the Church in Geneva. He was expelled from his duty but he continued his efforts for reform and soon he was called to take over his duties back and lead the church. On his return to his duties, he made several prominent changes in church government and Liturgy regardless of some influential families who were against his policies. Calvin suffered harassment and criticism but remained focused on his mission of improving and bringing in new reforms. In his way, he was supported by the refugees during the election of city council. Calvin tried hard and did his best to promote new reforms both in Geneva and Europe. Calvin’s reforms and ideology is known as Calvinism. CALVINISM: Calvinism is all about doctrine of Predestination and absolute sovereignty of God which is greatly influenced by Augustinian. (Thomas, 1963) The theology of Calvinism was infused in Europe in 16th century, which is based on five basic reforms, which is recalled by an acrostic TULIP: T: Total Depravity explains that mankind has no power to choose right or wrong paths as people are all helplessly sinners and only God can choose them for the right path. Catholics preaches that this mankind has free will and can choose between right and wrong path, God has given a liberty to people to choose the way they want and will be rewarded accordingly (Steele, 1963). U: Unconditional Election states that People who go to heaven is not because of their good deeds or faith but they were unconditionally chosen by God to be sent to heaven and the rest are lost forever. Catholics says that it is the faith that lived and exists and people will be rewarded in regard of their deeds. L: Limited Atonement says that Jesus gave his life for specific sins of selected people, who will ultimately go to heaven and the God has already chosen people for heaven. Catholicism teaches that Jesus sacrificed his life for all mankind regardless of any favor to specific people and people have to believe it without any doubt. I: Irresistible Grace explains that whoever is selected by God will get the virtue of knowledge of God and the elected person cannot resist the call. Catholicism says that Grace is a divine gift for all mankind but people can resist the call. P: Perseverance of the Saints states that the one who received the call of communion will remain in that state until reach heaven, it is impossible for any person to lose his Salvation. Catholicism says that as human we are all sinful and somehow make mistakes but God is there to forgive and deliver us in heaven. All these five points were strongly condemned by the Roman Catholic Church and they present different view or interpretation of the verses of Gospel from which Calvin supported and spread his own perceptions. There are different theologies over same verses but the interpretation completely differs to what Calvin tried to prove. ARMINIANSM: (Stanglin, 2009) Armenian theology also has some conflicts with what Calvin’s reforms say. Armenians rejects the idea of predestination and it says that a person is not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Reform Program of John Calvin in the City of Geneva Comparing it Research Paper. Retrieved from https://studentshare.org/history/1439830-the-reform-program-of-john-calvin-in-the-city-of
(The Reform Program of John Calvin in the City of Geneva Comparing It Research Paper)
The Reform Program of John Calvin in the City of Geneva Comparing It Research Paper. https://studentshare.org/history/1439830-the-reform-program-of-john-calvin-in-the-city-of.
“The Reform Program of John Calvin in the City of Geneva Comparing It Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1439830-the-reform-program-of-john-calvin-in-the-city-of.
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