How German propaganda differed between WW1 and WW2 - Essay Example

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This information can be passed through the different Medias of communication. During these two world Wars, this information was passed through the posters, fliers, radios and films. These…
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How German propaganda differed between WW1 and WW2
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Download file to see previous pages In 1914, European nations called upon their friends to face up the possibility of going to war and prepare for it. By this time, the United States was faced with isolationism in a bigger part because of President Wilson’s worry of snarling foreign alliances. This isolation slowly started to fade when the united States lend large sums of money to the British and the French. The United States responded to the British propaganda where they considered the British as the unflinching defenders of the right, French and the Belgians as miserable heroes and the Germans as the deep-dyed scoundrels (Schulman, 1990, pp.13)
Often, propaganda was used more tactically in WWII. Robert Sherwood, one of Roosevelt’s speech authors, led a committee whose main objective was to battle a war of word in opposition to the axis. Not only did this board act to super charge United States support but also sought to disseminate information on America’s participation to Axis-controlled regions abroad (Schulman, 1990, pp.13). In the late 1920’s and 1930’s, the Nazi party grew stronger while the mass media became a extremely mighty passage for assembling the huge support they were to soon have ( Osley, 1995, pp.7). Carefully and persistently the government officials avoided the word propaganda. The U.S successively preferred using the word information.
In 1917, the Committee on Public Information (CPI) was designed by the U.S government to yield support for the war, improve on patriotism and a stronger faith in democracy. The Germans were featured in wartime films as ruthless and life threatening animals. Patriotic colors were used in the posters to show the might of America and its allies. A movement that had Kaiser Wilhelm’s head in a jar was started by the National War Garden commission which requested the public to plant and can vegetables. Cans of vegetables that read, “Can Vegetables, Fruits and the Kaiser too” smothered the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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