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The liberal idealists position on the causes and prevention of war - Research Paper Example

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The realists of 1940s believed that war is a struggle for power over an event; for countries to engage in a conflict there has to be a relative gain that the participants anticipate at the end of the war. Among the reasons that leads to war is the inversion by other countries since the targeted country operations are managed through anarchy…
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The liberal idealists position on the causes and prevention of war
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Extract of sample "The liberal idealists position on the causes and prevention of war"

Download file to see previous pages The realists believe that power struggle is the main cause of war, however, in order to avoid it, the leadership should have a common interest so that they struggle towards achieving the common goal. Potentially, conflict results from the disagreements involved in sharing power and resources. Since every leader targets specific issue in order to declare the interest in political leadership of a country. Failure to achieve the perceived interest would result into forceful struggle to grab resources for selfish gain which other opponents would not admit; hence the commencement of strife in a country. The argument is convincing since the leadership of every country is at present composed of the rich individuals who are ready to get richer at the expense of the poor who are getting poorer. This increases the gap between the rich and the poor within a country lowering economic development.
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The Liberal Idealists Position on the Causes and Prevention of War Research Paper.
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