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Discuss the foreign policy positions of former President George Bush, Jr. and President Barack Obama in terms of realism and idealism - Essay Example

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Carr and Hans Morgenthau. It attempts to establish a conceptual frame work for which international policies can be evaluated. The international theories can be divided into two schools of…
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Discuss the foreign policy positions of former President George Bush, Jr. and President Barack Obama in terms of realism and idealism
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Extract of sample "Discuss the foreign policy positions of former President George Bush, Jr. and President Barack Obama in terms of realism and idealism"

Download file to see previous pages Political realism highlights the role of the state and assumes that the state’s foreign policies are driven by the nation’s interest. It is primarily based on the state’s efforts to preserve its territory integrity as well as political autonomy. This means that the state interests are based on power and security. This power is defined in terms of military, economic, cultural, diplomatic and economic terms. In a realist state, every nation should use their resources in order to defend their nation. This concept is derived on the fact that the international environment is an anarchical environment. Therefore, regardless of the treaties made by the state, it is the duty of the state to defend its interest. According to the realism school of thought, the state is under no foreign authority (Crawford 15).
Political idealism, also referred to as Wilsonian Idealism, holds that a state’s foreign policy should reflect the internal policy. Although it is based on human nature, it significantly puts ethics and morals into consideration. Idealist government fosters equal rights, democracy rule and religion in their foreign policy (Crawford 50). It is based on civilian-scientific development methods rather than war and power. The idealist state emphasizes on the international values rather than the nation’s interest. The doctrines of realism contradict those of the idealist school in that ethics and morality take a centre stage in idealism.
During his campaign, the incumbent president George Bush openly declared that he was a realist who was committed to ending the Clinton doctrine and the indiscriminate use of the military force where they did not serve the interest of the US (Mackubin 24). During his campaign, he did not speak of democracy and freedom in the country. He clearly stated that, like his father, Bush was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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